Your Enterprise is bionic
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Towards a bionic world

Whatever at individual or social level, our biologic functions are more and more supported, if not replaced, by technology. Sometimes to mitigate physical or sensory deficiencies through mobility aids or improvement of auditive, visual... capacities.
In other occasions, electronics offer opportunities that our biological configuration cannot assume, at least for the time being (may be in the future, telephaty will be a serious competitor for telephony or Internet!).
All this evolution is transferring human processes from the biologic or physical world to another electronic or virtual one. Global Positionning System is taking the place of our natural orientation skills. Part of our social network is becoming virtual. The bionic woman & man are born.

Which Enterprise is not bionic ?

The Business world is also involved in this bionic mutation of the society, when not the instrument of it.
First, technology was used to multiply human power, now information technology is used to support brain functions like calculation, memory, supervision, data analysis even decision making process.
Each time technology has offer improvement in effectiveness or efficiency, the enterprise has tried to integrated it. After all, its ultimate motivation is to survive, like any other live organism. Evolution rules also apply to business: adapt or die.

The BPM toolbox

Assuming the bionic nature of the Enterprise, how to balanced both Bio-logic and Electro-nic components (People & Technology) to get benefits from this explosive combination ?
More than hardware & software, it's also a question of wetware management that needs Psychology skills. When information technology is impacting their jobs and their lives, People need to understand & to be involved in change management. It is not only a social question, it's common sense (you know: this less common of the senses !).
Increase of interest for Business Process Management is not just a coincidence. BPM offer tools to manage interaction between People & Technology, for the benefit of the enterprise and its stakeholders:
- not only on the yang side: shareholders & customers
- but also on the yin face: employees and society

Social footprint

Don't forget that the Society is also a live organism with the same objective as the others: survival. If one of its components, an enterprise in this case, does not contribute to it, at the end, it will be rejected.
Both, Society and Enterprises, need each other. The best manner to say this evidence is given by the Japanese language:
- Business: Kai-sha
- Society: Sha-kai

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