Application Portfolio Management
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Why to build an Application Portfolio Management

Do you know that the project represents less than 10% of the total cost of ownership (TCO)of an application during its lifecycle (estimation from Gartner) ?

The rest is spend after the go live: hosting, maintenance, support and evolutions requested by the business.

If you want to make an effective IT cost control, the first conclusion is that you should look at this RUN topics, when putting priorities on Applications.

How to build your Application Portfolio

You are facing a demand of new IT services or applications improvement. Your first action is to provide your organization with an inventory of all the existing applications and the new demands.
Starting this Application Portfolio Management should not only list your applications but to measure each one on the following parameters:
- Project cost (in the case of a demand for new application)
- Run cost to know how many it (will) cost each year
- Agility or its ability to be adapted to new requirements
- Satisfaction of the users, if you know it