BPM Software & other visual tools:
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Business Process Management Software

What is a BPM Software ?

Under the category of Business Process Management Software, you will find different tools:
- starting from the simple business graphics tools
- up to complete BPM Platforms

From my point of view, Business Process Management tools cover several functionalities, that can be placed in relation with one of the following main axis:
- Purely Business Process: Modelling & Simulation
- IT Integration oriented: Work-flow & BI
- Users-centric: Collaboration
Depending on the strength of each vendor, you will also heard about axis like content or transaction orientation that I consider at a second level of classification.

How to select a BPM Software

The market of BPM solutions is still in a growing phase and in the coming years, mergers will occur between the Software generalists and the BPM specialists.

So the position of a vendor today has not to be the first criteria. May be an opportunistic approach is better taking into account the following criteria:
- Level of Maturity of the organization with Business Process Management matters
- Software vendors already installed in the company, with a complementary offer or alliances in BPM solutions.
- Knowledge of the local BPM representative in Business Process Re-engineering and Change Management
- SWOT analysis and process areas to improve in the company
- IS strategy: On premises software versus On demand services

In any case, the selection of BPM tools has to serve a Process oriented strategy not to drive it. A BPM initiative without commitment of the Management could be worst than no initiative.

What the Experts say

Analysts on Information Technology are performing surveys on a regular basis to give a snapshot of the BPM market:
- Gartner Group
- Forrester Research
- AM Research

Click here for BPM Software surveys recently published by these analysts and the ratings get by the main vendors
See the sites of the Analysts or the Vendors for more information

See also the Rating of BPM Suites by Bruce Silver from the BPM Institute