Business Management
and its Hierarchy of needs



marketing & comunication

strategy deployment

critical business resources

The Physiological level: Critical Business Resources

Depending of the Enterprise, at this level you should consider:
- Financial Resources
- Human Resources
- Knowledge
- Processes
- Technology

The Security level: The strategy deployment

Strategy shall be understood as what the business needs to survive on the long term. It could be:
- a competitive product or technology
- a strong position in the market
- a special attention to skills

The networking level: Marketing and Communication

Not only anything that makes the Business offer well known by the market and the potential customers. But also by other stakeholders like shareholders, employees.

The Esteem level: Operations

The supply chain from customer order to delivery with the satisfaction of Customer (in time, in performance) and Shareholder (profitability)

Ethics: Are you making the world a better place ?

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