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Involved in Strategic Planning, Business Processes, Change Management and Information Systems, I have been looking during a long time for some kind of generic Business Plan Templates to help me in my job.

Searching into the books, web pages or seminars on Business Management Information, I have gathered a lot of business tips, best practices and management techniques some of which are analyzed on this web site, like the Balanced Scorecard and Business Process Management. But selecting the best tools, was not enough, I wanted to discover the best blueprint to start building a Business.

The rest of this page intend to proposed some Business Plans Templates to help you in you Business set-up or transformation process.

The Why-What-Who-When-How of your Business

As I didn't obtain any definitive business model, I decided to develop my own, starting from my experience building Information Systems. At the beginning it seems me so simple that I hesitated to make it public. However after several years, it remains my visual guide to describe any business.

Answering the Why question obliges you to formulate your Mission, your Vision and at the end your Strategy to make it real.

What are the Product or Services you bring to the market and what make the difference with the rest ?

Who are the Persons you rely on and how do you motivated and coach to keep the best ?

When do you plan to deliver and what is your Project approach to satisfy your Customers in time ?

How the activities and the information flow across the organization and what make your Processes competitive ?

Products, People, Project and Processes Management are the four pillars that support the Strategy development of your/any Business

Looking for original business plan templates: look at this one

Creating a Foundation for Business Execution

Working on Business Architecture and Information City Planning, I find out a book in line with my point of view of how a business strategy has to be implemented: "Enterprise Architecture as Strategy", all the more so that it was based on an analysis of more than 200 companies, most of them by the MIT Sloan School's Center for Information Systems Research (CISR).

The basics of this book is summarized in its sub-title "Creating a Foundation for Business Execution". The lesson I learnt from it was to first define a simple one-page and graphical business model assumed by the Management of the Enterprise. As all the Strategic initiatives and the processes usually does not fit in one page, this exercise oblige to agree at top management level what are the critical ones for the company, getting a synthetic view of your Business Foundation.

Enterprise Architecture As Strategy: Creating a Foundation for Business Execution

Creating Order from Chaos

The new Enterprise Architecture from the Gartner Group offers a way to integrate Business Plan with Information Systems architecture in three steps

Align Your Business Goals With Your Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture and business architecture are often dealt with separately. However, they need to be developed together. It's the only way to make sure the IT environment keeps pace with the business environment.

Build Your Next-Generation Enterprise Architecture

Almost all enterprise architecture projects have a common goal — to create order from chaos. To help you achieve this goal, this collection of new Gartner research examines some of the objectives, strategies, and components of the next-generation of enterprise architecture.

Manage Your Enterprise Architecture

Gartner analyst Jeff Schulman describes the "critical success factors" for managing and governing enterprise architecture. He also explains why IT departments must focus more on agility and somewhat less on efficiency so that enterprises can collaborate and operate in "real-time."

An Enterprise Architecture Framework

Today you can find a lot of business management information dedicated to the Business Process Management topic.

During several years I have also been process-focus in my approach of business change management. Proof of it is the title of this web site.

However Business Processes as Information Systems are only one part of the solution. Others matters have to be considered at the same time: - The organization and the role of each function in the processes map - The data, their owners, where they are hosted and exchanged - The strategy and the improvement initiatives - The Persons, their motivation and training

Enterprise Architecture is all about a balanced relation between these actors or drivers of the transformation.

the Enterprise Architecture Framework from the Zachman Institute for Framework Advancement (ZIFA) could be the Business Plan Template you are looking for.

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