Business Process Management Software
Making continuous Improvement an habit

The Business Process Management Software market offers a wide range of solutions from simple graphics tools to map the processes, to powerfull Business Process Management Suites that permits the Process users to:
- Learn on the job, the processes they have to execute
- Get feed-back on the results of their work
- Contribute to process improvement
- Tune their Performance

In the middle, you also find Business Process Architecture tools to built and simulate your process model.

After spending so much time on cultural change in Business environment, the Business Software focused on the user prior to the technology, pull my attention. I specially like Control 2007 from Nimbus Partner for their User centric approach of the Business Process Reengineering. Gartner group like it too, as they have named Nimbus Partner a "cool vendor", even if they have not all the functionalities thet other BPM Suites offers.

Their keyword is Process for People and their main asset is to make the processes accessible to each level of the organization. The process modelling is just the starting point. The major added value of Control 2007 is to communicate "the operational manual" and to involve everybody in its continuous improvement.
Their are so convinced that they offer a modelling tool for free , and only sell the web tools (required to share the process assets across the organization) and the associated services. If you have no server to put it on: no problem. They also offer a "Software as a Service" solution on their own server. What else do you want ?

In addition to a Business Process Architecture tool, a BPM suite is directly linked to the day to day process execution, making the process model take the control of the business workflows and getting back Key Performance Indicators from the Information System where the real Buisness Processes can be measured.

If you are looking for a model-driven execution solution (no need to program code to implement immediatly your process changes), without loosing the user-centric approach, you should consider AuraPortal a new entrant in the Visionary Magic Quadrant of Gartner for Business Process Management Suite.

Now in the leader MQ of Gartner, I have selected Lombardi a vendor who is offering Business Process Management Software on demand: nothing to install, just pay for what you use. You can also get a Blue Print account for free for limited functionality of business process modelling.

To complete this overview of the user-centric BPM platforms, I have considered also the solutions pointed out by Forrester in its report on "Human Centric BPM for Java Platforms".In the leader corner, they add to Lombardi, companies like: Pegasystem, Appian & Savvion, all considered also by Gartner group as leaders in the BPM suites market.