Business Process Management
The secret of the business pyramid


Enterprise Architecture

Activity Monitoring

BP Owners & Organization

Business Process Mapping

The missing piece in your Business foundation

So far, we have identified 3 pyramids:

- Psychological needs
- Information needs
- Business needs

But supporting Business just with Psychology and Information Technology pyramids, seems a little bit unstable. Isn't?
That is here where the Process dimension acts as the glue to make the building stronger. Let us discover this reversed pyramid of Business Process Management through its hierarchy of needs also.

The Map of Business Processes

First of all: what are your processes ?
To answer this question, some other ones are necessary to solve before, about Mission, Vision, added value towards stakeholders...

Have a look to this first step of Business Process Management"

Business Process Owners & BPM Organization

BPM is a powerfull tool to perform important changes within the organizations. But this cultural revolution needs its leaders.

Here some tips to prepare your organization for change

Business Activity Monitoring

First rule for improvement: "you cannot improve what you cannot measure".
Most of the initiatives you will propose will face "resistance to change". Be prepared:
- To demostrate first with numbers or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), that the current way of working is impacting negatively on the results of the Business and/or Customer Satisfaction.
- To fix improvement objectives to be reached thanks to the improvement projects you propose.
- To monitor the Return On Investment, as soon as it appears.

You will probably need some Business Intelligence or Data Mining to extract the best information nuggets.

Enterprise Architecture

Processes Map, Owners and KPIs is a good start. But how to link all together. Furthermore, how to ensure the optimum results taking also other important corners stones for change like:- Individual Objectives
- Master data & referentials
- New applications or evolution
- IT Infrastructure
- Skills & Training
Normally a change in Business Processes impacts all these Business assets.

Be sure to address the Enterprise Architecture issue

Process Centric Management

All the steps detailed herebefore are necessary, but not suffisant. All this job could be wasted if not used to support a new way of managing business, considering the "bionic enterprise" like a live system.

Make the difference between BPM and Management by Process

Start you Management by Process experience from the beginning: the Balanced Scorecard

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