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The Business Process Trinity

BPM is not the job of one Manager neither one Department, even if a Business Process Officer has been named. It is necessary to create a Business Process Trinity of horizontal Managers (Quality, Human Resources & Informations Systems) to ensure a real Business Management by Process.

In fact in every organization, each Department is already managing its own processes, sometimes without knowing nothing about Business Process Management. That is what I call vertical Business Process Management.

But this hierarquical kind of Management does not help too much to get the benefits expected from BPM, as it is naturally more oriented to improve the performance of individuals or small groups, instead of looking for the improvement of the entire company.

Horinzontal BPM, that I call Business Management by Process, needs to be supported by Managers with a transversal vision of the organization, which objectives are more Enterprise wide than Departamental ones

I hear you: is it not the case for any manager ?
May be in the yearly objectives definition. But in the day to day management, only some functions have this target in mind, as they suffers  the lack of Business Process optimization:
- Quality Department
- Information Systems
- Human Resources Manager    
Normally the Business Process Officer role, if not officialy named, is assumed by one of the Manager of these Departments.

Quality Department

Information Systems

Human Resources Manager

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