Critical Business Resources
the foundations of your pyramid

marketing & communication

Financial Resources

For most of them, Financial resources use to be critical. We get confirmation of it when during the 2008 financial crisis, businesses with great products and good customers portfolio have disappeared due to lack of credir from the banks.

Strategic Skills

Mobile phone market is in a great momentum now: big market, new technologies, high competition. What are the most important business resources for a company which pretends to get the biggest part of the smartphones cake today ?
Hardware technologies ? probably not. What smartphones companies needs is to get an ecosystem of applications developpers ready to deveop on their platform on a partnership mode
This will be the key of the success of companies like Palm with its new platform webOS.

Other business resources

For other companies, it could be raw materials, infrastructure, knowledge or including competitive process assets.
Every manager has to keep in mind what are his/er owns. This list can be precises after a strategy definition process.

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