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Selecting tools for the Gold Rush

In the today Business, data are the new raw material. And the exponential growth of Internet sites or data in the companies is making difficult to find the more valuable information (the gold nuggets).

We are living a new Gold Rush were the providers of search engines and data mining software are the key players.

QlikTech and QlikView

In the Business Intelligence market, QlikTech is making a silent revolution, downsizing the BI projects from months (usually with traditional tools) down to days, with its sophisticated and patented in-memory analysis. Proof of it: the list of the awards to QlikView, QlikTech’s flagship product, from the software industry .

I discovered QlikView in 2003 when working on Business Process Management I was looking for an affordable solution to update automatically Key Performance Indicators and Dashboards using data available in the Information Systems.

Microsoft Excel and Access, good productivity solutions at individual level, was showing their limits when growing the number of data to analyze and the number of users to involve.

On the other side, Data warehouse, OLAP and other cubes technologies was out of budget with a Return On Investment too long, due to the relative small size of the company (200 users).

Why QlikView is so well accepted by both actors of the BPM initiatives: Key-Users and IT Department ?
For a twofold reason: it's both User-centric and Integration oriented.

The user-centricity of QlikView

What a IT user expect today from a BI tool?
- A quick learning curve, typically the same as with Excel
- A rapid deployment: not to wait months for IT
- A productivity improvement

When they discovered a data mining software that they can use after one day training and with a day more they have build their first BI project without writing code, they like it. Furthermore when they have suffered during weeks trying to get the same results with an excel sheet.

Integration: a CIO View on QlikView

Excel and Access are very often seen as the "bête noire", by the Chief Information Officers. Even if the information comes from the central information systems, when building a BI system on these individual productivity tools, you take the risk to develop information islands.

visual BPM excel

When the end users discover the first "golden nuggets", they enter in the Gold Rush, wanting more and more valuable information. For getting it, they are ready to populate these new "El dorado" islands on an anarchic way.

With QlikView, not only you can offer a productivity increase, but also without risk to develop an archipelago of information islands, as QV is not a database: Typically, IT Department provides the connection to the central database (or files servers). Data cannot be introduced directly in QlikView. After that, the key-user is free to process, analyze and presents what s/he wants.

With this "peninsula" architecture, you open your systems to your users giving them the possibility to discover golden nuggets without needs to deploy complicated infrastructure and tools. If a data is required, you can detect it sooner and modify your central systems to incorporate the corresponding field.

Business Intelligence in Internet

No doubt that Internet is the major mine of information today and the Search Engines the basic tools of the new "gold washers".

Whatever your business is fully online or only you want to use Internet to leverage your offline sales, you have to look for the Keywords that will bring traffic from the Search Engines to your web site.

A key factor success in Internet as in any business is to have a clear view of offer & demand. Any word has a demand: the times it is entered in the search engines. And also an offer: the number of world wide web pages that include this world.

Success in getting traffic is simple: find the golden nuggets Keywords, with more demand in relation with their offer, that is called potential profitability, and put it in your pages.

Have a look at Brainstormer from Solo Build It, the best data mining software I know to build a Master Keyword List.

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