Enterprise Business Software
Looking for Process Improvement

This chapter about Enterprise Business Software solutions is dedicated to traditional Software packages to be installed on premises, whatever on end user equipment or enterprise server.

To improve your Business Processes, two ways are possible:
- either you map, analyse and try to improve your Process
- either you directly install a software to automatize it

For a better understanding, permit me some analogy with transport:
- On Premises Software = Private car
- On Demand Software = Train
- Mobile Software = Bike

on premises software

Before taking the car, ask yourself where you want to go!

- may be you just need to go round the block. Don't need a car for that.
- or if your destination is well connected, probably you will save money (and time) using some public transportation.

In non process-driven companies, the risk is often to buy an "attractive car". Doing that, you will probably improve some process, but may be you also unbalance the global system.
If you don't keep the global picture it is difficult to answer correctly the problems your company has to solve.
In most cases, the problem is not (or not only) a problem of tools. Others business issues have to be adressed before or in parallel such as: organization, processes, cultural changes...

Before choosing your Enterprise Business Software, review your Priorities

When your destination is clear, select the best vehicle.

As today, the "trains" does not cover all the destination
and the "bikes" are not suitable for all kind of travel,
you should still consider to buy some car.

Hereafter I propose you a selection of the Software I prefer in each category (some of the solutions included in my best list are already available in a "Software as a Service" mode):

- Mind Mapping

- Business Process Mapping

- Business Process Analysis tools

- Business Process Management Suites

- Business Management Software

- Productivity Improvement Tools