Free Templates to help you on BMP or
Information Technology Management

Free templates on Goggle Docs

User guide for Application Portfolio Management

User guide for Project Balanced Scorecard

More about the Bionic Enterprise concept

User guide for on line accounting software

Other templates

Free templates on Process Owner Dashboard on Microsoft Office

With this simple Excel spreadsheet on a PowerPoint presentation, you can start managing your processes:
- Updating the mission of your process and its value for your stakeholders
- Defining the relationship with the other processes
- Listing the procedures to use
- Analyzing SWOT and Risks
- Keeping an eye on KPIs
- Tracking actions

To enter your own data, you need to open the excel object double-clicking on it.

Indicator Definition Sheet on pdf format

Definition phase is a critical phase in the deployment of a Key Performance Indicator:
- You know that you want to measure the performance of your process, but you are not sure about the best presentation mode for a kick overview of the performances.
- On the technical side you have to adapt your demand to the data available in the information systems.
- But a unique value is not enough. For analysis purpose, filtering capabilities are required.

Anyway don't forget to balance your KPI on results with facilitators ones.
If you fail defining KPIs, the result could be worst than no KPIs.
Review the Balanced Scorecard principles