The Google Ant
& other insects in the cloud

The Ant Whisperer

Biomimicry in web development

Bio-mimicry understood as learning from the nature to elaborate efficient technologies is becoming a real business or engineering discipline today.

The "web" itself is showing also its particular bio-mimicry development. Copying the behaviour of animals, sometimes without knowledge of it, I guess.

Search algorithms of the "Google Ant"

Take the example of Google, the leader of search engines on Internet:
- Thanks to thousands of millions of searches made each second by its users, Google has a huge data warehouse about was are the people is looking for
- Not only that. With the use of secret algorithms (only known by few people in the company), they can propose what pages or sites are relevant for a specific keyword or phrase.
- As far as we can say, the cornerstone of these algorithms is to analyse the traces let by the human web surfers and their behaviour in front of the visited site.
- As an example, if the average pages visited by each surfer, on a specific site is high, this site will be better ranked in the results of the searches performed on the keywords it contains.

I don't imagine that the founders of Google have been biologist, at some moment of their short live before. However their algorithms have a strange similarity with the behaviour of the ant when looking for food.

What about the "ants' algorithms" ?

- Image a nest of hungry ants. Thousands of ants going out for food in every direction (as the Humans do on Internet when angry for information, videos, music, news...)
- The more lucky ones will come back sooner to the nest than the others. And they will return again and again to this marvelous site of delicious sugar or whatever the ants enjoy. Like the web surfers, with respect to the sites that satisfy their needs.
- On each travel, the ant lets a chemical trace on the way. So it is not difficult for the others ants to recognize the most "fragrant" route as the shorter one to food. And the snowball effect makes the rest. As it occurs when your web site is recognize as a best one for a specific kind of "Internet food" by one of the search engines like Google.

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