Google Docs Free Templates
An alternative to Microsoft Office

Google Docs (GD) versus Microsoft Office (MSO)

From a user point of view, if you are an expert with Microsoft Excel, probably you will find some limitations using GD Spreadsheet utility.

MSO is oriented to individual productivity, meanwhile GD can be considered an integrated office solution for team working. The repository of documents is included. With MSO you need a files server or a documentation management solution.

From a Business point of view, you should consider the advantage of using GD instead of MSO taking into account that with GD you have:
- Nothing to pay
- Nothing to install
- Nothing to back-up
- Nothing to up-grade

Anyway both solution are compatible with download/upload functions.

In this page, we have selected some business & BPM free GD templates.

Balanced Scorecard for Project Portfolio Management

Preview of the PBS Template

More information at Project Balanced Scorecard Description

Project Progress Report

Project Minutes of Meeting

Business Plan Template

Business Plan with Social Impact Statement

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