Humanistic Psychology in Business
from Abraham Maslow to Patrick Dixon

Humanistic Pyschology

Abraham Maslow: the Forerunner

Abraham Maslow is known for his hierarchy of needs usually represented by a pyramid.
But probably the main contribution of Maslow is to have taken the Psychology out of the consultation and the hospital, to put it in the center of Business Management.
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Peter Drucker: the Teacher

A lot of thinks can founded on Internet about with "guru of the modern management". I want quote to quote this paragraph from the wikipedia:
"Respect of the worker. Drucker believed that employees are assets and not liabilities. He taught that knowledge workers are the essential ingredients of the modern economy. Central to this philosophy is the view that people are an organization's most valuable resource and that a manager's job is to prepare and free people to perform.

If you habe no time to read some of his innumerable books, may be you could benefits from the summaries proposed herebelow
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Patrick Dixon: the Activist

It seems that all the live of Patrick Dixon has been built around one question and the tentative to give an affirmative reply to it:
"Would the world be better as the result of my activities ?"

Probably he does not classify himself as a Humanistic Psychologist. But his vision of the business world let me think that he is not so far from those of his predecessors Maslow & Drucker. As he takes "EMOTION" as the keyword to understand human activities and the more powerfull business engine.
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What these gurus have in common ?

Apart from their consideration that the people is the most valuable asset of the organizations, they also share the same view of the role of the Enterprise in the society.
Some definition of Business ethics that go far beyond the limited objectives that most organizations seems to adopt today:
- the matter is not only to respect the laws of the society
- but to make this society a better world
Thinking so, Maslow was considering himself an Utopian. His successors and the today business world are demonstrating that this point of view is the only possible if a Company wants to survive.
You are not convinced ? OK. See you back in some years !