Mind Mapping Tools
To get more of your Mind

Mind mapping tools have been developed to help in the preliminary phase of a creative process:
- Organizing ideas around a central subject
- Writing a book or a web site

Mindmapping is not so structure as other graphical representations like process mapping, but it can help for Business Process improvement in tasks like:
- Defining mission or vision
- SWOT analysis
- Brainstorming
- Getting things done
- Focus working on keywords
- Having a global view of a project
Mind map is more used at individual level to organize ideas around a central concept. Meanwhile the objective of Process Mapping is more to permit collaboration at Enterprise level to structure and share definition and improvement of Business Processes.

In principle, you don't need any software, start just with a blank paper sheet. Put your central keyword in the center and add ideas around linked to central word. For its part, this new word also generate new ideas that you write down and link, etc...

A more sophisticated mind map technique called UNO has been proposed by the Metropolitan State University.
Download for free a template to start using UNiversal Organizer.
Organizing your paper or project is easy when you use UNO, the Universal Organizer. It's a very simple tool that helps you organize your thoughts or material by topic and by priority, giving structure and order to your paper through your natural thought process.
Its intuitive structure encourages you to expound on your ideas, and then helps you present your thoughts in an organized and logical manner. You can organize your paper in a matter of minutes, and you see your progress as you write.

For mobile SYMBIAN devices, a good mind mapping solution is PROJEKT S60

I am using PROJEKT S60 to organize any kind of ideas or tasks, for shopping list reminder or to breakdown project ideas when they soar up, whatever the place.

When I have a huge amount of tasks or ideas to organize around a central concept or keyword, I use better MindGenius.com that permit to assign multiple categories to each register. With a quick method of writing new inputs (just one click to enter a new idea).

With MINDGENIUS, you can also define a project down to resources level and transfer it to a planning tool like Microsoft Project. The export capabilities are more than satisfactory with up to 13 formats available.

Smart Draw for Mapping
Smart Draw is considered a multipurpose software for Business graphics with several awards including the naming of "Cool vendor" by Gartner . Consider it as a mapping software at individual level (Mind) as well as a collaborative one at Business level (Process) at a reasonable entry price.

Thinkmap is some kind of collaborative software to search relations in high volumes of data and present graphically their relation links. Have a look at Visual Thesaurus to understand how powerful is.

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