Mobile Phone Software for Business:
Make Business from anywhere you want

Together with Internet, the possibilities offered by Mobile Phone Software are changing completely the way to do Business.
Virtual is the keyword today in Business Transformation and Information Systems evolution:
- The applications are no more attached to a physical server
- The servers themselves are no more attached to a place
- Employees can work at home as they do at office
- Information access devices become mobile

For a better understanding of the business software solutions, permit me some analogy with transport:
- On Premises Software = Private car
- On Demand Software = Train
- Mobile Software = Bike

Recover freedom: take your bike and enjoy it!

mobile phone software

We will not analyze here the mobility offered by a laptop, as there is no difference today with a desktop, in term of applications availability (same operating system) and network access (assuming you have a mobile broadband plan).

Instead we will focus on ultra-mobility business software proposed for smartphones or handheld devices and their added value in term of individual productivity or business competitivenes.