Online Accounting on Google Docs
User guide of the template

How to get the online accounting template

Click on the link below to get a copy of the template (you will be asked to enter you Google account user and password).

How to manage ownership of the document

Starting from now you have your own accounting sheet. You can decide who can see and edit the spreadsheet by adding new users through the options "Share - Invite People...".
The spreadsheet is hosted for free by Google, so you have to respect the rules fixed by google for its use.

How to change the name of the fields

You can rename the fields as you want. But take care to maintain coherency in the column B & C, between the summary lines (initially 3 to 5, and 7 to 9) and the detail lines (11 and after). If not, you will not get all data summarized at the top of the sheet.

How to insert new account or category

Just click right on the line 4 (for new account) or line 8 (for new category) and choose the option: "insert 1 above" or insert 1 below". Then copy and paste one of category or account line in the created one (by clicking on the right button of the mouse, each time).

Other customization of the template

If you need to sophisticate more the accounting sheet, please use the contact form below to express your demand.

Contact form

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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