Online Survey Tools
Feed-back on Business Processes

To evaluate if your Processes meets Business Objectives, consider measuring also the perceived quality, using online survey tools.

You have defined your Key Performance Indicators using Business Intelligence tools to get them automatically from your Information Systems.
These KPIs have been selected using the Balanced Scorecard in order to fit with the Strategic Objectives at Company level as well as Department level.
You provide your Management with Dashboards at all levels of your Organization and Processes.
Good ! You are on the right track for success.

But is it enough to keep your Business Processes under control ?
Probably not.

All you can obtain from your Information Systems enters in the category of objective KPIs and give you a measurement of the Technical Quality.
You need to complete them getting feed-back from the people who execute the Processes, the Users, or obtain outputs from them, the Customers: the Perceived Quality

One of the more efficient tools for the measurement of these subjective KPIs is probably the online survey. You can also get usefull information from online Forums but it is difficult to quantify in a KPI value.

Before setting the online survey tools, be sure of your process

- 1 - Define KPI to evaluate
- 2 - Select the right Questions
- 3 - Publish and send the Survey
- 4 - Motivate the target People
- 5 - Analyse the Results
- 6 - Take Actions, Track, & Inform

For step 3, you can use some web tools for free, like at SurveyGizmo

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