Business Process Mapping
The starting point in BPM

The objective of Business Process Mapping is to share at Enterprise level a common view of the tasks flow between the different functions. It is the first step of any Process-centric management initiative to improve Business competitiveness.

If you are not aware of the strategic role of BPM, have a look at Balanced Scorecard to place the Business Processes in the Strategic Planning Process

If you need help to organize your ideas about your strategy or your Process, why not to use first Mind Mapping tools

For Introduction on Process Definition go to Business Process Modeling

Once we are convinced of the benefits of the BPM techniques to drive the change in the company, we need to start with Process Design using one of the tools available on the market.

Smart Draw for Process Mapping
Smart Draw is considered a multipurpose software for Business graphics with several awards including the naming of "Cool vendor" by Gartner. Consider it as mapping software at individual level (Mind mapping) as well as a collaborative one at Business level (Process) at a reasonable entry price.

Looking for a methodology guide into Business Process Definition, I have used since the beginning iGrafx with IDEF0 add-on.
iGrafx is considered by Gartner group is a considered as a leader in its Magic Quadrant for Business Process Analysis tools, as well as Mega International, both vendors offer much more than simply Business Process Modeling. They offer also simulation tools to permit Business Process expert to optimize their Process Map.

On the other side, we find in Business Process Management suites, also tools for Business Process Definition. I have selected two, for their User-centric approach and their Modeling tools available for free:
- Control 2007 from Nimbus Partner
- Blueprint from Lombardi Software

May be before choosing Business Process tools, first you should consider what are the objectives you pursue:
- Just Process Mapping
- Process Analysis
- Process Execution Engine
- User-centric Process Management Suite
- A complete Business Process Management Platform or System

In order to help you in this decision, you should have a look at

Once you have defined your objectives around Business Process Management, we will help you to choose you solution

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