Project Management Concepts
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Project Management Concepts

Project Management

Project Management

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Project Management is one of the more effective Business Practices developed in the past decades with the help of the Information Technology tools.

Initially used to manage activity of big Infrastructure or Technology Industries, Project Management Concepts are now widely applied by all kinds of organizations to focus on the satisfaction of their Customers and Stakeholders.

Project Management Concepts in Business Improvement

But to keep the Customers satisfied tomorrow, you have to pay attention to the internal Processes as well. So, most of the Managers have to face two groups of priorities:
- on the short term: Customer Deliveries
- on the long term: Business Improvement through BPM

The main risk is to dedicate the best company resources and knowledge to what gives income today.
In Project oriented organizations, People dedicated to new Product Development or Processes Improvement are very often in competition for Resources with Customers Project Managers.

The only way to balance the short term objectives (Financials and Customers Satisfaction) with the long term ones (Processes Improvement & Learning) is:
- first to a have a clear vision of the strategic objectives of the company (Balanced Scorecard)
- and to manage the improvement initiatives on the same way as the customer related activity: by project

Project Management Best Practices

The best practices of customer projects management remain applicable to process improvement projects.
Have a look to what the Project Management Institute says about
Project Management concepts

Put special emphasis on Project Scope Management

Project Balanced Scorecard

If you want to manage your business as a project portfolio, using the KPIs defined here-before, have a look to this Project Balanced Scorecard Template, develop on Google Docs. You can easily adapt it to your own needs.

More information about the Project Balanced Scorecard

Project Management Tools

The software market offers different solutions to support the Project Management Process, from individual tools like Microsoft Project to central Project Portfolio Management solutions, including also services on demand using web based software.

My Best Project Management Software Solutions

Collaborative solutions online for Project Management

Free templates to start with Process & Project Management

Your team is worldwide based. No problems with web-conferencing

Take also profit of other web-based solutions available on-demand.

Other Project Management Resources

If you have to assume the management of an improvement project
Be sure that the organization is prepared to change

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ProjectMinds: a quick guide to Project Management

4PM: Project Management Techniques & Best Practices

A last advice

Let me conclude this page about Project Management Concepts by some advice I received, some years ago, from Jean Louis, my coach in Project Management, a guy with huge experience in the Space Industry Projects, in both sides of the Atlantic:
- The main (sometime the unique) value a Project Manager can offer is to get things done in time
- In an overloaded situation, the reason why people deliver in time, is accountability.
In fact, he did not use the so polite term "accountability", instead he used a phrase I don't remember well: just that it was about balls...