Project Management Objectives
in Business Processes Improvement

The Project Management Objectives and Techniques have been defined by the Project Management Institute and are available in its book: "A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ".

These practices remain applicable to Improvement Projects of Business Processes, placing more emphasis some critical areas like Scope, Risk or Communication Management:

- Project Integration Management includes all the task related with the Management itself: Management Plan, Methods & Tools, Organization, Change & Actions Management, Monitoring & Control, Closing.


Project Scope Management is crucial in Business Process Improvement if you want to give the Business the results expected from the Project.

- Project Time Management: In fact the only Resources that you cannot managed. That makes so important the Project Scope Management.

- Project Cost Management : Estimation, Budget & Control.

- Project Quality Management

- Project Human Resources Management

- Project Comunication Management. Because a Business Process Improvement Project implies in many times, to change the way of work and in some extend also the culture of a company, the Communication & Training Plan is so important in this kind of project.

- Project Risk Management: The keyword is "anticipation", the difference between a good and an excellent Project Manager, but don't forget to track the mitigation actions

- Project Procurement Management. Important if you work with external consultants and technological partner

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