Project Management web based
to communicate and collaborate

Collaboration tools and Project Management web based solutionsaim the same goal: to make people work together, whatever where the are located,through virtual workplaces on the net.

Two main categories of tools can be considered according to their relation with time management:
- some work on a synchronous mode: to have to coincide in time
- other are schedule free

Synchronous collaboration solutions
In this category we place all the conference tools: audio, video, web conferencing including VoIP solutions

Asynchronous collaboration solutions
The paradigm of the category is obviously the e-mail, as it breaks the other limitation in communication: the time or more precisely the need to synchronize schedule. But e-mail is only the transport, you need a place to stock the information. If you do it on your disk space or a local server, are you sure that your documents are the last issue ?

When you collaborate in a Business environment, and especially within a Project frame, you will save headhaches if you can garantee that everybody access the same information and the same status at any time.
Whatever the kind of information you have to manage, you will find a solution to manage it on a web based central repository: schedules, contracts, minutes of meeting, specifications, configured documentation, tests results, product sheets...

My selection of Project Management web based solutions

Collaboration Made Simple - Free Trial

Central Desktop is good entry solution to create and share workspaces on the web with a wide range of options available: from a free of charge one to more SSL secured and customized plan for big companies requirements. Also available Web Meeting plans, all on a "Software as a Service" mode.

Daptiv e-project: A Project Management SaaS solution
A full Project Management solution, that is offered in the "Software a as Service" mode, the only that is included in the Visionary Quadrant of the Gartner group.

Primavera: a leader in Project Management web based
Their offer a complete and web based Project Protfolio Management solution but not on demand so far, that means that you to have to run it on your own servers, until an Application Service Provider offers it On Demand.

Solutions oriented to Documentation Management online.

Adobe Life Cycle Enterprise Suite
I have selected ADOBE for its Document oriented collaboration platform as they have a customer focus in their approach of Business Process Management. With their Customer Engagement, they commit Customers and Partners in their stakeholder role in the Business Processes.

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