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Project Scope Management

In Business Process Improvement, weakeness in the Project Scope Management is one of the main causes of failure.

Some times, a Process Improvement Project comes from a SWOT analysis or a Balanced Scorecard exercise, some times it comes from the end users who need "this magic tools" to make the Process more efficient and the Business more productive.

Whatever the origin of the demand for process change, your internal customer has an idea of what s/he expect from the improvement, but it is not so evident to define which Key Performance Indicator of the Business will be improved and in which quantity.

So first, quantify the value increase for the business, you, your organization or your customer is expecting from the improvement initiative you are setting up: the benefit.

Secondly, have a clear view of all the pieces required to reach this objective:- not only the Software implementation project, but also:- the Process re-engineering phase probably needed- the increase in Hardware infrastructure and maintenance- the training of end users and their acceptance of the change- learning curve before reaching the benefits expected- and a lot of obstacles in the way (risk mitigation)

All these steps have a cost. May be,, they are not all included in your project. As a Manager of the change that your project is suppose to bring, your job is to identify all these steps, their cost and to put them in front of the benefits expected. Your customer has to know them also. The risk could be that you will not have any project to manage ! On the other side, the alternative decision could also be a major scope and budget for your project and a more valuable impact on the Business.