SCOR: Plan Source Make Deliver
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The Process Modeling Pillar of SCOR model

By describing supply chains using process modeling building blocks, the model can be used to describe supply chains that are very simple or very complex using a common set of definitions.

As a result, disparate industries can be linked to describe the depth and breadth of virtually any supply chain.
SCOR(r) is based on five distinct management processes: Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, and Return.

Plan - Processes that balance aggregate demand and supply to develop a course of action which best meets sourcing, production, and delivery requirements.

Source - Processes that procure goods and services to meet planned or actual demand.

Make - Processes that transform product to a finished state to meet planned or actual demand.

Deliver - Processes that provide finished goods and services to meet planned or actual demand, typically including order management, transportation management, and distribution management.

Return - Processes associated with returning or receiving returned products for any reason. These processes extend into post-delivery customer support.

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