Small business ERP at one dollar: Do you really need to pay more ?

Today, the market is offering web based ERP software alternatives to traditional "on premises" ERPs . Instead of spending millions of dollars installing and maintaining an ERP solution on your own servers, you can can rent on the cloud (public or private) a small business ERP in SaaS mode for a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) at less than one dollar per user and per day. But some questions raise immediatly: 

- Is it possible for my business to adopt this kind of small business ERP ?

- If I spend less money, which functionality I am missing ?

- What about the confidentiality, security and recovery of my data ?

- I usually adapt the information systems to my organisation, would it be possible to do it with a web based ERP software ?

- What are the criteria to consider for my ERP software selection.

- Which is the best the best web based ERP software for my business ?

Small business ERP: what is missing ?

When you say small business ERP, most of the people understand less: less funcionality, less users, less capacity to grow...etc

But you can also consider the other side of the coin: more flexibility, agility and better user experience...