Site Build It! in your Small Business Plan
Looking for a better web site ROI using BSC

The starting point for a Business, small or not, is to have a strategic plan. And for me, Strategic Planning is associated with Balanced Scorecard

On this page, I explain how Site Build It! helped me to develop my Small Business Plan.

My project is to get money from providing on-line tips and advice on Business Process Management. And I consider Balanced Scorecard a process oriented method to build a Business Plan. So, the coherent way to start my Business was to use the techniques I recommend on my site.

Following the BSC methodology, I first classified my objectives through the four Business Perspectives,
- Financials Results
- Customer Satisfaction
- Business Processes
- Learning & Knowledge

On the other hand, I needed tools and support to develop my Business Online. After some search in GOOGLE, I eliminated the get-rich-quick methods and the classic hosting solutions, when I discovered SBI!

Without saying it, they were proposing me a way to develop my ideas using a Balanced Scorecard approach, not only marketing and hosting tools.

To illustrate this parallelism between the CTPM Process of SBI! and my understanding of what is the Balanced Scorecard methodology, I have represented both on what I call the "Business tree"

Following this analogy, my alternative traduction of CTPM could be:

Compost and solid Trunck help Photosynthesis give you Mature fruits

After this discovery, my Business Plan was a child's play. I had just to put my objectives on the BSC-SBI tree and link them together, ensuring I had a balanced coverage of the four perspectives. See the result on my Business tree.

Next steps in the Balanced Scorecard is to define the more appropriate Key Performances Indicators (KPIs) to track the objectives defined. No problems: Solo Build It! offers trackers and a lot of monitoring tools.

For my case I selected the following ones:

KPIs for Learning & Growth perpective (Content in CTPM):
- Number of pages published
- Number of pages visited by visitor

KPIs for Business Processes (Traffic in CTPM)
- Number of daily visits
- Position of my Key Words in Google

KPIs on Customer Satisfaction (Presell in CTPM)
- Number on cliks on free content links
- Nomber of click on merchands links

KPIS on Financial Results (Monetize in CTPM)
- Monthly income from Adds
- Monthly income from Affiliate programs

All the tools SBI! propose, including an easy-to-use web page builder, has permitted me to concentrate myself on the more important ingredient: Content generation. That means the roots of my business for profit generation on the long run.

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