Web based Software solutions:
Consider the Software as a Service

Remember, during a moment, the vehicles your Company uses everyday:
- probably the car is the preferred one for most of your employees
- but I am sure the Enterprise don't provide one for everybody
- instead they use taxi, train or plane for their trips
- and this procedure is widely assumed, isn't ?

Take the train: save time, money and mitigate risks.

web based software

So why should you pay for the ownership of an "On Premises Software":
- Servers hardware with fault tolerance included
- License fees + yearly maintenance
- Security and back-up of data
- System administration
- Premises and power
- Technical Support
- Cost of Capital

Read what the Gartner group says on the subject:
"Software license costs constitute less than 10% of the total cost of traditional software ownership."

Like the train, Software as a Service solutions are covering everyday more & more territory and faster, breaking barriers access for small & medium business to information technology, and offering a cost effective alternative to the classic on premises software.

Side effect of the train: social relations widened

Additionally, from a Business Processes point of view, web based software opens the Information Systems to the Enterprise Stakeholders: Customers, Employees and Suppliers mainly.
This characteristic is useful to get their feed-back and interaction with Processes improvement.

A good example of that are the web based survey tools, like SurveyGizmo.

Another side effect is what I call the "Process as a Service" phenomenon:
- In an "On Premises Software" scenario, the big temptation is to "manipulate" the tool in order to ADAPT it to a non standard process.
- with "On Demand Software", the organization is led to ADOPT the processes implemented within the application.

Except in some cases, where a non-standard process can bring a competitive advantage to the business, normally in most of the processes, you will save time and risk using a standard one.

One example of the "Process as a Service" model is Solo Build It!.

See an analysis of Solo Build It! from a Business Process point of view.

Anyway before taking your decision on a web based software, make the BSC analysis of your priorities as you should do before a classic software solution implementation on premises.

A Stragic Planning exercise based on Balanced Scorecard will probably also help you to decide what is the best software category for each of your business improvement initiatives:
- On premises software
- On demand software
- mobile software

Ready for the trip ? Choose your destination.

Hereafter my preferred "On demand software", "Software as a Service" "web based software" and "Application Service Provider" solutions:

- Solutions for Individual productivity

- Web Conferencing services.

- Voice over IP (VoIP) fixed & mobile solutions

- Project oriented & Documentation Management tools.

- Business Process Analysis, Management & Improvement

- Customer Relationship Management & Survey systems

- Integrated Business Management systems (ERP)

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