Audio, Video & Web conferencing services
Changing travel for time & opportunities

What is the main advantage when using Audio, Video and Web conferencing services ?
- Reducing travels costs for your company
- No. This is not the main one
- Saving time
- Surely a good one, but I think that the most important benefit at business level is probably to speed up drastically the decision making process. Think in the number of decisions postponed waiting for the next trip ?
A best practice: no travel should be planned before having exhausted virtual meeting possibilities.

Today, the barrier is no more technological, it is cultural: Most of Business people like to travel.
So, look for alternative incentives, if you want they change travel for time. Why not to dedicate a small part of the money saved, to pay leisure trips or other extra bonification!

Once our team is motivated to dedicate more time to business and less to travel, we can look at the virtual collaborative solutions available.

Dont forget before chosing a synchronous collaborative software, that web conferencing services should be complemented with workspaces to add the possibility to work also on an asynchronous mode (no need to match agendas):
- Project Management web based solutions
- Documentation web systems
- and e-mail also

WebEx is the most extended solution for web conferencing and associated applications (82% of Fortune 100 companies use it). They have also solutions for small & medium businesses and you can choose to pay per use only. The list of applications is unlimited: web meetings, webinar, e-leaning, IT support, Teleworking, Business continuity. All you can imagine to do with a PC can be seen or done by another Person at the end of the net.

MeetMeNow 14-day free trial; easy web meetings

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