Web Site Building Process
Build a Business, not just a Web Site

This web site is powered by Solo Build It! from Site Sell as said at the bottom of each page. You will say: OK, a solution more for web site building ! Don't conclude so fast. SBI! is not just a set of web site marketing strategies together with naming and hosting services.
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With SBI! you can expect to get a better web site ROI (Return On Investment) than with others for one reason: you purchase a process. This is why I decided to start my online business with it.

When the rest of the Business world is discussing the benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS), Software on Demand and Application Service Provider solutions, Site Sell is a step ahead.

Their success is based on a new kind of competitive advantage that we could call "Process as a Service" (PaaS): No needs to decide what process to use, it is included in the all-in-on package of SBI. That permits you to focus on the main added value of your online Business: Content.
SBI assist you for all the rest of the process.

As a Business Processes worker, I consider SBI! as an interesting business case to analyze in the frame of my web site, on two aspects:
- the Business Process Platform offered to start small businesses
- the competitive advantage of the SBI sites thanks to the CTPM process

Let me check it in front of my "It" guidelines (click on the left side menu for more information of each one):

Business Plan(t) It!
SBI includes an implicit Balanced Scorecard methodology, that help you to precise your Small Business Plan.
See real Business Cases of SBI! classified by categories

Business Build It!
SBI is all about the customer façade of your Business with special emphasis on market intelligence with more than 50 marketing tools.
Access to the free marketing tools of SBI

Process Model It!
No need to dedicate months looking for the best process to build your business online.
Have a look to the CTPM process

Process Execute It!
SBI offer you a Business Process Platform (BPP) called Site Central with access to all the processes and tools:- Brainstorm It!
- Site Builder
- Business Center
- Traffic Center
- Info Center
- Download Center

Process Survey It!
With Solo Build It! you get tools to develop your own community and get feed-back from it.
SBI includes also tools to develop your web 2.0 site

Process Analyze It!
Once you have put your first web page online, a set of analysis tools are available to track:
- your traffic (click through and click in data)
- your ranking in the main search engines (Google, Yahoo!...)
- other specific searching tools to monitor your target market
That makes 35% of sites build with SBI! rank in the top 1% of Internet

Project Manage It
When you start an SBI site you work with a project management methodology:
- Scope definition: to define your niche
- Work Breakdown Structure: step by step
- Risk management: learning from experience

Product Develop It!
What ever you sell e-goods, hardware or services, the first product you have to develop is the content of your web site on such a way that it will be attractive for human visitors and search engines.
download for free "Make Your Content Presell"

Service Demand It!
With SBI no needs to install sophisticated web design tools. Site Builder is a kind of Software as a Service solution used online for page editing, links & graphics management..., that requires no needs to learn html language.

Software Install It!
But if you prefer to improve the design of your pages with advanced tools or you want to import pages already designed you can also integrate them within the SBI! frame.

Team Coach It!
With SBI! you are not alone. In addition to a complete online video training, you also integrate a Community of 100.000 SBI users which leitmotiv is "help and be helped"

Solo Build It!
Ready to start your business online or no success with previous ones: Click here to test SBI

You have an off-line business that you would like to promote on-line. Site Build seems the good choice for you, but you have no time to do it ?
No problem, ask for the services of Site Sell

Solo Build It! and BSC: How SBI helped me to develop my Business Plan

Si lo prefiere, vea tambien mi pagina en Español www.mi-negocio-web.com ó directamente acceda a Solo Build It! en Español

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